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Where's my hat...

As we near the summer, so the time has come to look for the summer hats.

We have a selection of large straw ones, some caps that have fabric that covers your neck, and a few that look like you should be found fishing.

But we all wear so many hats already.

Through our roles at work (team leader, budget-holder) or at home (Parent, child), through who we are to our family (youngest, advice-giver, carer) and of course who we are to those we work with (friend, colleague, helper).

(There is even a Mad Hatter Caterpillar who wears many hats to decorate itself…Google it!)


You might wear a hat that says ‘Boss’ or ‘New Person’, you might wear the hat ‘Peacemaker’ or ‘Fix-it’ or ‘Provider of Smiles’.

And on some days it feels like you are wearing lots of hats at the same time, or changing them minute by minute and questioning

– who am I to you just now?


And often at the weekend we get to take some of them off and leave them at work. 

Like a make-believe hat stand, we take off our responsibilities and roles and walk away.


My hope this weekend is that you get time to take off as many hats as you can – find a time and space in your time to just wear the ME hat.

The ME hat is the best hat. It is unique and handcrafted. The label on the inside says ‘Handmade by God with Love’.

I hope that when you wear it you can focus on being you and do the things you need to do to reconnect with all that makes you happy and at peace.


Some of us might need to wear an actual hat with ME on it - just to let others know that we need that time.

We might need to be bold enough to let them know that you haven’t worn it all week and now is the time.

For both of these things are right and good reason.


Take some time before the weekend starts –

What are the hats that you wear? Who do you wear them for?

How heavy do they weigh on you? And when do you get chance to take them off?


My prayer today is that you will be less burdened by the hats you wear. 

That you will give yourself permission to just wear the ME hat and know that you are loved by God.

And you get to do something that feeds your soul.