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Maybe we should too...

I wonder if you’re like the old clips of Wonder Woman who spins really fast to change from one thing into another.

Or Superman running into a phone box and exits changed and ready for the next thing.

Or Batman or Batgirl who slides down their poles and their complete wardrobe and mindset has altered.

For months now we have faced lots of Transitions. Times of change. Periods of moving from one thing to another.

Some of us transitioned to new jobs last September, others from training posts to qualified posts.

The children and young people around us have started, continued and have almost ended their year also.

We’ve transitioned from ‘Normal’ to Lockdown, Lockdown to Slightly-Eased and later we will transition into whatever the new phase will be.

And some of us ‘Do’ transition like a superhero – switching from one thing to another seemingly without effort.

And others of us take a bit of run-up, take some time to get our heads around what is happening next, whilst others continue to feel out of step with everyone else.

And as the holidays arrive, we face another transition too. From fast-paced to slowing-down, from work to leisure.

And again some will be in their shorts and suncream before you know it. 

Whilst others fidget with laptops and allow themselves a few days to transition.

But don’t feel bad for who you are. The way you do it. The time it takes you.

But do give it time and do understand that it is going to take energy to get from one thing to another.

If it helps, plan a slow-down that will help you to stop.

And then plan a warming-up so you are not worried about the start-up.

And plan the bit in the middle so you can get the most out of it. 

So it works for you and you get your energy and your spirit back.

Do you need to read, do you need to walk, do you need some sun, do you need some silence or some noise.

It has always been God’s plan to give us rest after the week we have worked. So maybe we should too.

It was always His way to inspire play and fun in hearts meant to rejoice and give thanks, so maybe we should too.

Jesus celebrated, shared meals, visited friends and travelled, so maybe we should too.

And when Jesus did transition – he prayed first and acted after – so maybe we should too.

He prayed before His baptism. He prayed before choosing His 12 disciples. He prayed before feeding the crowds.

He prayed before He died on the cross for us. He prayed before His ascension. He prays for us now.

I hope your plans and prayers for a good transition come to fruition.

I pray that your transitions are good and that they are helpful to you.

May God go with you, wherever you go this summer.