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A prayer for those being tested...

At this time, so many of us are being tested.

Our Year 6 students are sitting SATS, our Year 11s are preparing for their GCSEs, and many of us are feeling tested by the changes in food prices and fuel costs. All of this after feeling tested by the last 2 years. Challenging times indeed.

It is therefore more important that we remember our faith and the strength that comes from God. The Prophets were tested and remained faithful, Jesus was tested, Mary (the mother of Jesus) and Mary Magdalene were all tested. All drew strength from God and faced each new day as it came.


Lord God, our strength and our salvation,

Sustain us when we are low or feeling fragile.

Lift us when we are sinking,

Save us when we feel lost.

Give us hope to face each trial and test,

Remind us of your presence.