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Light in our lives

There are times in our year where we all need some more light in our lives.

The evenings are getting darker quicker, the mornings are getting less bright, and the days are getting shorter.

Add into that the bad news we see in our country, the violence and loneliness and poverty we see in our communities, and the sadnesses we sense in our families.

What brings us light? Not the temporary, passing light that the world offers. A quick fix, a brief hit of happiness, a candle in the wind that easily goes out.

Faith, hope and charity are things that last longer, have a bigger impact on us and our mental health, and often cost less than a retail spending spree to make us feel better for a while.

Faith in a God who cares for us – regardless of our situation.

Hope in our community – through the ones who love us and encourage us.

Charity or generosity in our hearts – a smile shared, a meal offered, a drink given.

And if we have these and share them, then the light grows brighter, if we have faith then we will weather any storm – even the weeks and weeks of rain that we’ve had recently. If we have hope then these seasons of darkness will be seen as fleeting. If we gather with others, share the happiness we have and inspire each other to find joy, then the light of Christ – that darkness can never put out – will be seen even on the dimmest days.

Give thanks for faith and community.

Seek moments of hope and joy.

Pray for light and the courage to shine. Amen.