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Advent is a time of preparation.

We count down the days, we ready our homes and we change things.

We change our decorations, we change our mood, we change our focus – often to family and friends and fun. 

As you prepare for Christmas – 

What will your focus be on? 

What do you want your Christmas break be like? 

What changes do you want to make?

In church our Advent candles help us prepare – for us they represent Hope, Peace, Joy, Love and Jesus.

Why not consider what you are hoping for in the year to come, why not practice for a few minutes every day creating a moment of peace, why not do something that brings someone else a moment of joy, why not consider who you can tell how much you love and appreciate them. The love of Jesus is in all of these things.

Lord God, 

Send your spirit of HOPE into our lives.

Bring us PEACE – in our world and in our hearts.

Spread JOY in our communities.

Help us to share LOVE for each other.

And may JESUS be seen in everything we do this Christmas. Amen

Have a good Christmas, and see you in the New Year.