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Some people love surprises, others hate them. 

Some want to know exactly what’s going to happen, others enjoy spontaneity. 

As January settles down and we get used to seeing 2023 written down, I wonder whether you are hoping for some nice surprises in your year or if you have things planned that you hope will happen. 

I am always struck by God’s big plan for his wonderful world. A big plan that expresses his love and concern for those he has created, but enough love to let us work it out in our own way and in our own time. 

Some people ask the universe for good things, others challenge themselves to work real hard to see changes in their fortunes. I like to pray. 

I pray for the plans I have, the hopes I have, the people I might meet who could help me on my journey. 

I pray about the surprises that might come my way, the things that feel like obstacles and the things that bring joy and celebration. 

My prayers extend to those who face the world and can’t imagine what the year will hold, either because they are fighting through each day or because the present time stops them from making plans. 

Please join with me in praying at this time. 

For those in need and those in joy. 

For those who plan and those who are stuck. 

For those who sense God beside them and those who have no one to turn to. 

God, like a caring father for us all,

Hear our prayers and surprise us with your love. Provide for us so that we may make plans that bring you glory.