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Look around you..

Look up from the screen you’re reading this on and look around you.

How many sounds can you hear, how many colours can you see, what smells can you detect?

As Spring races towards summer, we see the trees bud and blossom, we smell the grass being cut, we hear the twittering of birds and the chatter of people walking in the sunshine (at least while the sky is blue and the sun is out).

It is a perfect time to give thanks for the beauty of the world around us. Regardless of how low we have felt through the dark months, seeing the blossoming trees turn white and pink and seeing the speedy birds flitter from tree to tree connects us to the amazing creation that is around us.

It is also worth remembering that feeling connected to nature can also reduce our anxieties and slow our heart-rates enough to breathe and regain our problem-solving skills. Can you detect 2 smells, can you see 3 colours, can you hear 4 things? Can you feel the seat underneath you and the floor that your feet are on? Can you breathe slowly for 5 breaths and slow down your thoughts.

Lord God, as we consider the beauty of nature and the wonder of your creation, 

Grant us the ability to be calmed in our most stressful moments.

Help us to feel your loving Spirit hold us, care for us, guide us.

In His most fearful moments, Jesus turned to thought and prayers – 

May we follow in His example today and everyday.