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I was enjoying the weather recently and after enjoying a lovely sunny afternoon and a warm evening, I watched the sun go down. 

A small part of me was sad that a beautiful day had ended but I was hopeful as I knew the sun would rise in the morning.

There are times when we are enjoying life, when the sun is shining and things seem to be going well. We enjoy these times but often spoil our own joy by worrying what the next season will hold. We forget that come what may, the sun will come up again in the morning.

It is important too to remember that when the days are gloomy and that life, like the clouds, are grey and heavy – the sun will come out again soon.

In the Bible – Jesus asks us to consider the birds of the air and the flowers in our gardens and reminds us that if these are well kept for by God, then so will we. If they don’t need to worry about tomorrow because of God’s love, then God’s love will be there for us way more than the flowers and the birds.

The night may feel long, cold and endless. But the sun is coming.

The stars may be covered and the light be clouded. But the sun is coming.

Lord God, 

As we enjoy the sunny days of life and the warmth of your love in good times, we thank you. As we work through grey days and long nights, remind us that the sun is coming and we can have hope. As we look for the light to dawn, may we look for you in our lives. May we have faith that you hear and answer our prayers.