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The Future is in Your Hands.

It’s a funny thing to say really and I wonder what comes to mind when people say that to you or about our community or our world.

My initial action often is to look at my hands. 

I wonder when was the last time you looked at your hands and really took notice of them. What story do they tell about you? Sherlock Holmes believed that hands could tell someone’s occupation, their lifestyle choices and their history. Some people look at hands and try to tell stories of the future based on the lines and marks upon the hands.

I wonder if you look at your hands and consider whether the future is within them?

Many of our students are about to take assessments, mock exams and tests. What words or figures they write, what art they create may determine the next part of their future. As adults - what we write, how we create our online selves and what we work at - may also form parts of our future.

The Bible also talks of hands – we are held in the palms of God’s hands, the safest place to be. Jesus uses caring hands to heal and to hold, to break down barriers. At the time of the crucifixion, his hands hold him to the cross in order to show his love for the world and all those within it.

Take a moment just now. 

Hold your hands out in front of you and consider:

What will I achieve with my hands today? 

What kindness can I do, what help can I offer?

And then offer a prayer to God:

Into your hands O Lord, I put my trust.

In your hands O God, may I feel the strength that I need.