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Find Joy where you can...

Yesterday was Gaudete Sunday (pronounced Gow-det-ay). It’s one of the days of the year where priests can where Pink if they want (I didn’t!).

 It reminds us to rejoice and find joy where we can.

Mary sings of her joy in being chosen. Paul reminds us to Rejoice in the Lord always.

 At this time, we are in a countdown. The last nativity play before Christmas, the last few days before the end of term, the last few sleeps until Christmas.

How will you count down? Are there traditions that you have to close down and get ready for the season.

 Christmas holds many things for many people – firsts for some, lasts for others. But regardless of how it hits you – it takes great skill to find joy where you can.

The joy of a life well-lived. The joy of an innocent smile. 

The joy of a song sung nicely. The joy of a heart-warming welcome.

 However the week takes you. 

May you find glimpses of joy in amongst the stresses and strains.

May the joy of the angels bring good news to you.