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I don’t know about you but some things I can adapt to quite quickly and other things take me ages to get my head round.

When the clocks change or the year changes it take me ages to come to terms with it. If something you’ve ordered on the menu suddenly needs to change, then I am happy to go with the flow. I wonder why that is?

2024 feels like it’s going to be one of those years where we see change. Changes in the way we think about our climate. Changes to our parliament with the upcoming election.

 Our Year 6s and year 11s and 13s have some obvious changes coming towards them. They will be surrounded by encouragement to work, surrounded by things coming to an end – the lasts of everything, and the firsts of things too.

In all these moments, it is really important that we find things that will still be consistent and feel safe. The presence of family or supportive friends maybe. The security of a comfortable home perhaps. The love of God for sure.

Going forward let us pray for each other and the faith they need to face each new day. Let us support each other in whatever we are finding tricky or difficult to come to terms with.

Some words from James 1:17.

All good gifts come from the Father who loves us. His love for us never changes. 

Lord God, Creator of the universe, maker of the planets, designer of our humanity.

As we are held safely in the palm of your hand, help us to recognise the security we have in you. Remind us of your love. 

Let us give thanks for all the blessings that come from God. Amen.