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The Rhythm of life...

It’s a word I can never spell correctly. Not enough Hs and I put an N on the end for some strange reason.

But life’s Rhythm is something that drives all of us. It is a powerful beat in all of us.

Take a moment just now to connect with the rhythm of your breathing. The way it moves our body, the pace we breathe at.

And place a hand on your chest and try to feel the insistent beating of your heart. The power in it, the speed of it, the way it continues as you breathe.

We can slow our breathing to calm ourselves, we can quicken our breaths and speed up our pulse.

We can feel the rhythm of life and the energy of it as we do.

We can use this rhythm to reduce our anxieties and focus on our breathing to face the things we fear with a rhythm that can overcome many things.

The rhythm of life is in the things we do each day too. The rhythm of the alarm and the snooze button.

The slowness in starting the day and the quickening of our minds as we get set for the day ahead.

The pausing to pray , the readiness to hear God’s word and the power to step into the rhythm of the day with the faith that He goes with us.

You may have your own rhythm that works for you, when you pause to perform an act of faith. Something that you do regularly to give thanks, to seek affirmation and reassurance, to remind yourself of the strength that comes from the breath of life and the beat of a heart given to us by an almighty creator who makes us in His own image and forms us to be reminded of His eternal love for us.

You may have ways of praying for and processing the world as you run, as you munch your breakfast or as you scroll through the news and drink your tea.

You may echo those ways at the end of the day to put to bed those things that have confused, to lay to rest those things that have hurt and to smile at a day well done. These are all rhythms that will hopefully bring you peace and energy, sadness and a smile.

In Chapter 3 of the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes there is an amazing passage that speak of a rhythm given to us and blessed by God. You’ll find it after this message. Although it was turned into a fairly memorable pop sing in the 60s, it remains as a beautiful way of seeing the world. It understands the needs and ways of humanity, it speaks into the way God touches our rhythm and how He blesses all things as they pass and renew themselves into something else.

Why not slowly read the words below. Breathe at every comma.

And smile when God blesses the work that you do and gives you His blessing to eat, drink and be merry

– and to take pleasure from the work that you do and things you achieve.

God’s love endures forever. 

He seeks the things that have passed to hold them and bless them.

He lays before us things that He has blessed that we might walk in the light of His love.

And His breath is the breath of life that sustains us and brings us life.

May the rhythm of your day bring you joy, and if it doesn’t then let’s work on that together as we pray.

May the rhythm of your breath and the beating of your heart remind you of God’s life and strength within you.

And May I learn how to type rhythm in a way that doesn’t mean I have to type it slowly, one fingered, with my tongue out any more.