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Today we choose love...

Our whole lives seem to be governed by choices. Left or right, yes or no, the chocolate or the plain.

We choose user names and passwords, we choose what to eat, when to go, what to wear, how much to cut off.

And this places a great burden on us when we are uncertain or anxious about the outcome. How can we make the choice if we do not know what the results will bring, when the next choice will come or if we can undo our first one. In the days before this lockdown we could make many choices confident in the knowledge that we could undo some choices, make different ones and take our time if we need to because we could see more, try more and do more.

When the children rummage through the kitchen cupboards we used to not worry about what they finished, now we are careful as each shopping delivery is precious. When you see a delivery slot online you choose straight away, confident that many others might be watching that slot too. Choices can be hard.

And as children we grow into choices and how to make them. Our early anxieties of missing out or choosing wrongly give way to the maturity of seeing what is ahead and choosing confident in the knowledge that whatever we choose, we can work with it. During these days though we may have to go back to the childish ways of asking ourselves ‘what will I choose today?’

And today we choose love. 

As we stand on our doorsteps and bang our pots and pans. We choose love.

As we smile and wave at neighbours we hardly ever knew before. We choose love.

As we swallow down a lump in our throat or wipe away a tear for those who have loved and lost. We choose love.

We choose to love the way God wanted us to love from the beginning of time – freely and generously and in ways that made love grow in communities and fellowships and friendships and families. We choose to love because God calls us to love one another in the way that he loves us – in a way that gave everything. And in showing love we show ourselves that we are friends with a living loving God that chooses us each and every day before we even have the chance to choose for Him.

I was reminded yesterday of some words by Nelson Mandela – ‘May your choices reflect your hopes not your fears’. It would be so easy at the moment to choose out of fear, out of sadness and out of despair – but these choices rarely show love and strength and faith and joy and light and peace.

So will your choices today reflect your hopes and your loves and your joys? Will your choices reflect that God has chosen you to be loved and equipped to show love to others. And will your choices today be to love generously, live abundantly and share confidently?

My prayer this day is that you will choose to remind people that God loves them utterly and completely in any way that you can.

And My Blessing upon you as you begin your weekend is that as you choose to stand tall and breathe in God’s Spirit that you will feel the love that he gives.

Have a good weekend. See you on the other side.