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Keep Alert, Stand Firm in Your Faith...

There are a lot of people this morning worried about the words of the Prime Minister yesterday and what it all means.

He used the phrase Stay Alert like we haven’t been all along and the questions that formed as possible conditional solutions were offered became more and more as the time went on. And what we wanted was clarity and what we got was far from it.

You may have heard me quote American Author Brené Brown – ‘Clear is kind; Unclear is unkind.’

So I offer my own clarity before you start your day. It comes from 1 Corinthians 16:13-14:

‘Keep alert, stand firm in your faith, be courageous, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love.’

Maybe we should pin this to the back of our front doors and read it before we go out into the world.

Maybe we should have it beside our phones and laptops and read it before we send that text, write that email or post that update.

Maybe we should have it resounding in our minds before we open our mouths.

For our words have power – the power to heal and be soothing and warm. Or the power to cause pain.

Our actions can be powerful too – to bring care and compassion and love. Or the power to cause others discomfort and shame.

And maybe Paul knew this as he wrote to a church growing and changing and being affected by the things around them. Maybe he saw the struggles of those seeking a clear way forward and an answer to everything and trying to measure their thoughts and words against a gospel of love and the character of Jesus.

Jesus told His disciples to Keep Alert too. In Luke 21:34-36, Jesus reminds them to be on their guard against worldly things that distract you from God’s love and the plan he has for your life.  He says Be Alert at all times praying that we might live well. Paul also tells the Ephesians (6:18) to pray continuously for the things around you and to keep alert and pray in every way that you can for all God’s people.

When we worry about the news or get swamped by the information that comes at us all day everyday:

Keep alert, be faithful, be courageous and be strong.

When we consider writing or posting or speaking:

Keep alert, pray continuously and let all you do be done in love.

And When we are unsure of what is coming next, what is to be done, how we are to act:

Keep alert, stand firm in your faith and pray for God’s peace on all His children. Amen