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Chained Up or Linked In

Everyday we link up with a lot of people.

Whether we get social media notifications about friends and family.

Messages and posts about things to watch, groups to join or silly quizzes to take.

They are all there to link us in.

And some days we will spend time emailing people and calling others not necessarily to give but receive too.

We try and link up with folks we haven’t seen in a while, haven’t heard from recently and just those we remember might need a ‘Hi - How are you?’

I would imagine most days we have opportunities to link up with those around us.

Even during the loneliest days of lockdown, there were still opportunities to zoom or skype or facetime. 

There were neighbours and friends checking in and linking up however and whenever they could.

Linking Up is about community. It is about feeling part of an US rather than just a ME.

Communities around the world are linking up to declare our beliefs in justice, peace and love. 

And each one of us links in to make the chain stronger.

Even the Disciples in their most vulnerable moments knew that the best thing to do in a crisis or an attack was to Link In and Link Up.

As the Day of Pentecost came they had linked up with each other for safety, security and support.

And then they had linked in to the One that change their lives and lead them into life. 

The Eternal Encourager, the Continual Coach, the Forever Father, our Long-Lasting Love.

And as the Holy Spirit arrived – which on the one hand was immense and awesome but on the other must have felt like an attack of the senses and a crisis of courage – they stood together and supported each other in words and prayers and actions.

And each of them heard God’s promises in the language they needed to hear it in – And I believe they heard the words that would mean the most to them – not just in their own first language but in the very word and phrase and tone and spirit that would touch their hearts and link them in to a chain of events that binds them to God and His People.

Not chained up in ways that silence us or suffocates our ability to shout at a world that breeds injustice and disharmony.

Not chained into ways of sin and solitude and sadness.

But Linked in to a Hope that lives on, a Peace that speaks of Love and a Faith that together builds a better community.

This week many of us face changes and challenges but as we are linked in with those around us,

So we are linked up to the one that loves us most of all.

And as we are linked in to those who need us to be strong – despite our fears and frustrations,

So we linked up to a fiery Spirit that feeds and nourishes us through prayer and community.

This week I dive in to the Bible to find love and life, to find justice and mercy, to find hope and the Chains that link me to the Lord.

May you feel linked in to those who love you and walk with you just now and 

May you feel linked up to God who loves you and walks with you all the days of your life. Amen