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It Just Keeps Coming...

Have you ever felt like you have just got over one thing and then another waves slaps you in the face?

You’ve just struggled to get back from something that’s hit you hard and Wham!, something else takes your breath away.

You get back on your feet, your head feels a little clearer and Boom!, something big lands in your lap that you just have to pick up.

It can feel overwhelming to constantly feel like you are under attack. That the world feels like it’s constantly throwing you a curve ball that your head needs to process and make sense of. We get used to what Lockdown feels like and then scandal and outrage forces us to question how we feel. We start to ease lockdown and make plans and then more updates and questions make us question what we know and how we feel. Parts of life seem clearer as more and more people restart work, some children restart school and then another massive global issue hits us square in the face and suddenly everyone is involved. No matter who you are or where you live, everyone is affected because if one is hurting then all feel the pain.

And I describe this constant need to think, make decisions and take steps in life in terms of how much Head Space we have to cope with it and think it through and deal with it. It’s like trying to fit one more thing in a cupboard that looks full or trying to reorder the furniture in your house and knowing that to fit one more thing in, you need to make space in order to see how it all fits together.

And if you haven’t got the Head Space to fit anything else in – you feel overwhelmed at a stroke of a tweet or word in a message.

And if you haven’t got the thinking space – you freeze or falter or feel like running.

But I want to remind you of the strength that you have within – your faith, your fellowship and your God.

When I spoke to friends about Head Space they shared with me some things they try when they feel full.

One lies on the floor, listens to slow quiet music and breathes deeply trying to slow the busy thoughts and let God into his head.

Another writes all the things in his head on some sheets of paper, not to read again but just to feel like he has put them somewhere and he doesn’t have to hold them in his head any more.

I listen to a quiet Morning Prayer App on my phone that starts with music, continues with Scripture and a thought and ends with prayer and a time of peace. 10 minutes to start the day with some Head Space.

If you have the time, I would draw your attention to this clip to watch:

It helps us to think about the things that are going on for us and consider how much space we have for the things in our lives that need us right now.

It might help you to consider how much you have going on at the moment and how you might move the big things around to give yourself some Head Space again. It might help you to think about how close to being full you are who you could talk to to help you with that.

If you are feeling overwhelmed – make contact with me if you’d like, step back from social media and the constant news and updates and the attack of thoughts that are filling up your head, write down the things you feel you need to do and when you feel you need to do them by, breathe slowly and deeply and imagine God’s peace is filling you up as you try and create space for something less overwhelming. God is with you.

Remember your faith – God has made you wonderfully in His image and blesses you daily with His Spirit.

Remember your fellowship – as coaches and cheerleaders we are here to help you and encourage you.

Remember God – who came to live life with us and now the Son and the Spirit bring our prayers and praises to the Father for we are His children.

Take care.

It starts out as funny and ends being very moving, hear the words of the psalm today: