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Stay Strong in God's Love...

And so begins another week. It looks a bit different to last week. It feels a little different too.

Some weeks it’s hard to work out how it will go – Will it be uphill all the way or be manageable and steady and gentle on us?

We might start the week with essential questions like ‘Who finished off the milk?’ or important questions like ‘Am I a good person?’

Monday mornings have a tendency to get us to look at ourselves as we look at our week.

The news this past week has been overflowing with trauma and drama and a wave of different emotions that have swept the world in many different ways. To those who are still feeling fragile and raw from the sweep of Covid-19, the isolation of lockdown and the personal loss of family members and friends, the impact of the Black Lives Matter news coverage has felt necessarily powerful and personally close. And in all of this people are searching for answers and questioning their own goodness.

We question our own feelings, the language we use, the way were brought up, the stories we read, and the very nature of our hearts. Some feel unable to put into words the way they see the world and question whether they have a safe space to ask or the right words to share. In the end and deep down, they just want to share goodness, kindness and above all - Love.

So as this week begins – with whatever feelings and emotions it holds for us – maybe we need to remind ourselves of a few things.

As Christ Church East Greenwich begins The Bible Course so we look to scripture for our inspiration:

Firstly – Let’s remember to encourage each other and build each other up (1 Thessalonians 5:11).

In everything that we do, may we learn to do what is right, to seek justice and to care for the oppressed and the vulnerable (Isaiah 1:17).

And lastly my Brothers and Sisters in Christ, we should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry for God desires us to do well and do the right thing (James 1:19).

I am also reminded – as things change, the weeks roll by and new challenges appear on the horizon – of the letter to the Ephesians, in particular chapter 6. Paul reminds the church in Ephesus – who are clearly feeling pummelled and pounded by the world around them to remember God’s strength and power and to put on the Whole Armour of God as we live our lives.

A paraphrase of what Paul says: Finally be strong in the Lord and use the strength of His power to stand tall. Put on the armour that will protect you from all that the world throws against you for sometimes those attacks will come from every direction. Buckle around you the belt of truth – keep the truth close to you that God loves you and is with you. When you do the right thing it is like a breastplate to guard your heart – because right and wrong will try and tear you apart some days. Wear shoes that help you tread the path of peace for that will be good news for everyone. Wear a helmet that reminds you that you have been saved by God’s Son Jesus Christ, carry a shield reminding you of your faith in God the Father and hold firm to the sword of God’s Spirit which will guide your words, inspire your thoughts and carry your prayers to heaven. Pray when you feel strong, pray when you feel weak, pray when you are in deep, pray when others are in battle.

My prayers are with you all. Stay strong in God’s Love for you are utterly loved by Him.