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That Friday Feeling...

Part of you says ‘Yay, It’s Friday!’ whilst another says ‘Yes, But we still need to get through Friday!’

You may have got to today and thought: My goodness, how did we get here so quick…I need at least another few days.

You may be thinking: I really need the weekend now, I’m not sure where I get the energy to do Friday first.

I get to today and have a song going through my head and it will keep me going through today until we get to the end of the day.

It’s bouncy and catchy and brings me energy and reminds me of the strength of God that is strong enough to get me through today. The Chorus goes:

‘How great is the love of God,

How steady is his hand

To guide me through this world

And though I am weak, in Him I stand

And you will hear me say today,

In faith, I'm gonna trust in God’

I wrote a few words for the Primary newsletters yesterday about counting down. This is part of it:

‘My favourite counting is counting down.

Counting down to Christmas - 27 weeks. 

Counting down to the Summer - 4 weeks. 

Counting down to the weekend - 1 day left!

I wonder what you’re counting down to? Is it seeing family or friends? Is it a special day with someone special?

It’s really important that we have things to look forward to. Think about them. Plan them in your mind and get excited for when they are coming. 

Count down to them and don’t forget to count your blessings too.’

Sometimes counting down and counting our blessings is our best thing to recognise how much we have and how close we are to something good.

We can spend our Friday counting the tasks we’ve completed and the hurdles we’ve jumped but at the end of the day it is always life giving and inspiring to count the things we’ve been blessed with: a day when we weren’t caught in the rain, enough milk in the fridge for a cuppa, a slot for the shopping to be delivered, a quiet night, flowers in bloom. Little things that stack up, or big things that matter more, it doesn’t matter.

And if that feels too hard then counting down to a break or some peace, counting down to the weekend or a skype call or a cup of socially distanced tea with some socially distanced cake might be just the thing to lighten your heart and breathe. 

Take a few moments to count up, count down or failing that take some deep breathes with your eyes closed and count to ten before answering that email, replying to that request or responding to the world around you.

Here is the song:

May it help you into the weekend and give you a bolt of energy for the Friday ahead of you today.

My prayers are for you to be blessed today as you seek to bless others. Amen