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Who cheers for you...

We tried everything for him.

We signed up to free services, we got the laptop ready. Everyone else off the wifi.

We made sure logins were in and usernames were correct.

But we just couldn’t see it. So we had to listen to the match instead. And then we caught the highlights later!

My son has grown a real love for football and was really eager to watch the Spurs vs Manchester United match.

But unless we had a paid up membership of some super-duper telly package, it was never going to happen.

But we listened intently as the commentator told us of the players and the play.

We tried to imagine what was happening and who was doing what. 

And my overriding thought was – but there is no one there to cheer them on. Who cheers them on?

I’d like to think that if I was doing something really difficult that someone would be beside me encouraging me.

And I’d like to think that if I were working my socks off and playing my heart out, that someone would be there cheering me on.

I think I’d need it. That and a half time orange and a stretcher.

So we begin a Monday – again.

And some are in lockdown whilst others are not – again.

And some have it hard whilst others have it harder – again.

And I wonder Who cheers for you?

And then I remembered – our great cloud of witnesses:

Hebrews 12 starts like this: So since we have a great cloud of witnesses, let us lay down every weight and thing that drags us down and run the race that is set before us with perseverance and power.

It sounds like that crowd of supporters picking up the players when they feel flat, encouraging them when they need a boost and reminding them that there are people valuing what they do and praying for it to be blessed.

And that great crowd will be cheering for you this week, with Jesus at its centre encouraging them to clap.

And those witnesses will see your best shot hit the net long before you or I see the results.

For God sees us for who we are and how we try, and He blesses us.

And God sees us ready ourselves and give of ourselves – even if we don’t manage it onto the pitch – and blesses our willing hearts and claps just the same.

Because He cheers for you…every day. He cheers for you!

(And I do too…just saying).

Play well. Encourage others. Do what you can. Pray throughout the day. God Bless You. Amen