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Life is about...

My phone sometimes reminds me what I was doing last year.

Today it greeted me with today’s picture.

It was a super-hot day, everything was prepared. 

The registers were completed, the Groom and guests were waiting and I was in about 5 layers of clothing including a cope 

(which is like a heavy tog duvet made into a cape only heavier).

But the Bride was running late…so we had to wait.

Sometimes life feels like we just need to keep juggling. 

(And that was what my short talk was about when this picture was taken).

Everyday we juggle with working and relaxing, earning and spending, laughing and crying.

We spend our days trying to do the best we can in an ever changing world that every so often adds in an extra thing to juggle.

Illness, visitors, an extra bill, a surprise celebration.

And to do this without feeling too overwhelmed, often we need a companion along the road of life.

Someone to remind us to laugh. Someone ready with tissues. Someone to distract us from the hurdles we face.

And like the gameshow Who Wants to be a Millionaire? I wonder who your ‘phone-a-friend’ might be?

Is it your partner or parent? Friend or relation? Colleague or counsellor? Priest or Bible?

No wait – I mean it…

The Bible is a love story of a God who, even when there seems no way, find a way of loving His people and saving them.

There are stories that remind us of hard times that get saved. And beautiful verses and songs that sing of bad times turned good.

People juggling with life’s trials and challenges and God’s unfailing love to see them through and walk with them.

Communities that come together because they have faith in a Father who loves them to the Cross and back.

And are we brave enough to call on our friends? To ask them for a helping hand, a companion on today’s road.

And are we courageous enough to look in The Book? To seek what we need, some words of love and encouragement.

We all juggle – whether with real balls or just in our heads – and we all do it the best we can. 

And God knows how hard it can be.

And He wills us on, cheers us on, claps and calls and chivvies us on.

And we look back and see how good we were and how good it was to have Him there.

Well done good and faithful child of God. Keep juggling for God loves you. Let’s pray today that All Shall Be Well.