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From the Chaplain

Welcome to The Chaplains Corner!

 Rev Dominic Hubbuck

My role at the Federation involves supporting the spiritual input, faith development and the pastoral care of everyone in the school community.

My background before being ordained was working with children, young people and families. It has often included play, creating safe spaces for families and supporting people to explore faith as they do life.’

April 2020

  • Enough is enough...

    Published 30/04/20

    Although the title makes it sound like I am giving in, you may need to be reminded that enough is enough.

    We use this phrase sometimes to show our exasperation and to say that we have had all that we can take and that we will take no more.

    But I want us to reclaim this phrase to remind us of the real meaning of enough.

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  • A Peace that Surpasses...

    Published 29/04/20

    ‘Peace is not just the absence of conflict; peace is the creation of an environment where all can flourish…’

    These words of Nelson Mandel resonate with me this week. As we prepare for the remembrance 75 years on from Victory in Europe Day (May 8th), and as we live through a time where there may not be war within our lands - there is definitely not much peace in which all may flourish.

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  • The Rhythm of life...

    Published 28/04/20

    It’s a word I can never spell correctly. Not enough Hs and I put an N on the end for some strange reason.

    But life’s Rhythm is something that drives all of us. It is a powerful beat in all of us.

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  • Bless you...

    Published 27/04/20

    I was told…many moons ago…by my history teacher, that when someone sneezed people would say ‘Bless You’ because there was nothing that could be done for you as you probably had the plague. Later on, another History teacher told me that it wasn’t true and that we say ‘Bless You’ because as we sneeze, we are vulnerable to evil spirits entering the body…either way, there was nothing more that could be done.

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  • There is Power in Names...

    Published 24/04/20

    Have you thought how important and how powerful your name is?

    As a child when you’re being called back to the house to be told off and your full name is being used.

    As a school child being called up, for a nice reason, to the front of the hall by the Headteacher.

    As an adult when you see your name in print, or you are welcomed into a new team, or even a phone call from someone in authority who you didn’t think knew you

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  • Memory - the great gift we have...

    Published 23/04/20

    For those of you who saw the Cats film earlier this year, don’t worry I’m not going to bring back the memories of that.

    For those of you immediately thinking – Oh I used to have one of those but I forget what happened to it. Don’t worry.

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  • Celebrate Something Every Day...

    Published 22/04/20

    Yesterday was the Queen’s 94th Birthday (Apr 21),

    Today is World Earth Day (Apr 22),

    Tomorrow is St. George’s Day (Apr 23) and Friday is…well it is Friday (The End of The Week – for many, for some it may even be Pay Day).

    My question this morning is what are you going to choose to celebrate today.

    It’s not a question that asks ‘what do you feel like celebrating today’ but what ARE you going to CHOOSE to celebrate today?

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  • It's all about you...

    Published 21/04/20

    I don’t know if you know the song by McFly but it’s been going around my head for days.

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  • Waves of hope...

    Published 20/04/20

    We made it!

    Like when we’ve done Boxing day and put the tree away for another year, we have reached Easter Season in the church calendar and by now most of you will be scouring the house for the last remnants of chocolate eggs (hoping maybe that you forgot one or two maybe…)

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  • The Lenten Lessons we Learn...

    Published 03/04/20

    Loo roll is highly desirable when there is none to buy.

    Even the tins in the cupboard that were overlooked for years become possibilities for dinner.

    Actually you really liked company even when you said you didn’t.

    Who knew clapping could make you cry.

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  • May God bless you while you plan dinner...

    Published 02/04/20

    Food is one of my favourite things.

    Don’t worry – I’m not about to break into a song about a few of my favourite things…although Musicals do rank highly in my book!

    Food is amazing for so many things.

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  • Life in all its fullness...

    Published 01/04/20

    I wonder what you’ve got planned for today…something that involves a bit of fun I hope.

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April 2020