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From the Chaplain

Welcome to The Chaplains Corner!

 Rev Dominic Hubbuck

My role at the Federation involves supporting the spiritual input, faith development and the pastoral care of everyone in the school community.

My background before being ordained was working with children, young people and families. It has often included play, creating safe spaces for families and supporting people to explore faith as they do life.’

June 2021

  • A few thoughts...

    Published 22/06/21

    There are some days when I wake up weary.

    It’s not exactly tiredness and not quite depressed.

    It’s more that the bounce is going to take some work to get going – and it may not bounce at all today.


    I name it because when we name things we gain some power back in dealing with it.

    To name the way you are feeling and give words to it allows us to measure it, observe it and process it.


    I’ve been speaking today with some students about the power of words.

    They have the power to hurt and the power to heal. 

    They have the strength to cut down and the strength to lift up.

    They have the glue that sticks us down or the glue that holds us together.


    There are words of blessing being spoken over us by the angels in heaven and the Holy Spirit in our hearts.

    There are words of love and encouragement in the pages of our Bibles that speak worth and value into your very bones.


    Not because you’ve got your planning and reports done, but because you are made in His image.

    Not because you’re class is the best behaved and neatest, but because He loved you enough to sacrifice everything for you.

    And not because you have everything together but because he knows how fragile we are sometimes - and after all you are a child of God.

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  • From the Chaplain

    Published 14/06/21

    I was attending an online conference a few weeks ago. It was about Children and Young people’s Spirituality and about different generations supporting the exploration of faith of others in the community.

    I was struck by the number of elders in the Bible who are tasked with sharing wisdom and encouraging questions of the younger people around them. It made me wonder how many opportunities we offer for us to share our journey of faith with the young people we know.

    One of the speakers said something very profound and so I share it with you: It is more important that we share our journeys than to just tell young people what the destination looks like. In a way – it’s more beneficial that we describe how we got to an answer than just giving the total.

    Imagine if we created a community that nurtures faith, encourages growth and makes questioning safe.

    I can imagine the Kingdom of God on earth looking like that. I hope that our school can become a place like that.

    And then we would echo our school prayer – where our school would be a bit like heaven. 

    Have a good term.


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June 2021