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In the week beginning the 21st March 2022, St Mary Magdalene Woolwich celebrated STEM week. Our theme this year was ‘Why?’ Throughout the school we explored a range of exciting scientific investigations over the week based on this theme.

  • Year 6 investigated why it is important to brush your teeth. We looked at the chemical reaction of vinegar on eggshells to understand the effect of plaque acid on our teeth and then we compared different toothpastes by analysing their effectiveness,
  • Year 5 created electrical circuits and questioned why some electrical circuits will light a bulb, whilst others will not.
  • Year 4 looked at different varieties of plants and asked questions about why they look and smell a certain way and what they need to survive.
  • Year 3 investigated the question: What is the quickest way to melt ice and why? Predictions were made and then investigated
  • Year 2 explored the difference between magnetic and non-magnetic materials and questioned why some materials are drawn to magnets.
  • Year 1 created their own slime and used their measuring skills to see how far their slime would stretch!
  • Makeba class investigated how and why seeds grow into plants and they enjoyed planting their own seeds in individual pots. Hawkins class used their knowledge of measuring to record their heights. They then created repeating patterns to show how tall they are.