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Attendance Policy

Statistically, students whose attendance is less than 85% will fail to meet their potential. Additionally, the Government expects your child to attend at least 96% of school sessions. In real terms, that means that should you take your child out of school for 10 days Leave of Absence in term time and your child has time off sick, they will already be below the official attendance rate. We are required to check absence on a half-term basis and repeated absence is followed up by the Attendance Advisory Officer. Of course, if your child is unwell and cannot attend school, then please phone the school office in the morning of their absence and inform us why they were absent. 

Excellent attendance and punctuality is key in order for all children to achieve their full potential. Students learn a lot in one day and any absences can make it difficult for your child to catch up with their learning. We always aim to have our attendance figure of at least 96% - this is in line with national figures.

Absence reporting:

We now have a Absence reporting form that can be accessed on the schools website and a dedicated medical evidence email:

QR code

Scan the code on a phone or tablet to access the form.

Absence reporting form