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At St Mary Magdalene we are proud to offer an exciting and engaging drama curriculum. Our curriculum is designed to support the growth of the individual and allows students to develop a number of essential skills. Our expectations are that students consistently challenge themselves and take risks in the creation and performance of drama in their lessons.  We believe that Drama can enable our students to grow into more rounded and self-aware young adults.

We work to:

  • Develop confidence and communication through a command over their vocal and physical skills to allow them to approach a wide range of public speaking with confidence.
  • Cultivate creativity and an understanding of the benefits of participation in the arts and performance.
  • Allow students grow in their ability to empathise and be sensitive by working to understand the viewpoints and emotions of a range of characters.
  • Ensure students the best out of each other, developing co-operation and team-work skills when striving towards a common goal.