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Koinonia Community Garden and Forest School

Our Community Garden and Forest School, which has been supported by the Neighbourhood Growth Fund, has begun to take shape. Our Parents and Friends Association has been key in supporting the application and public interest in this space.

Our desire for this space is to provide a meaningful space where the community can meet and make long-lasting relationships, where groups can grow, reap and eat and share a love of growing things and where school groups can get close to nature.

We would love it to be a space where community groups offer new opportunities for local residents. It will also be a space that school can use for Forest School – developing an understanding of and love for nature and growing plants, flowers and food stuffs. School will also develop their own use of the site to provide tailor-made sessions for young people that may include supporting those with behaviour or social needs that would benefit from being outside, in a safe, enabling environment.

It would be amazing also to offer a space for small community events that bring value to the new community that is on the Peninsula. Celebrations of cultures, local and global. Celebrations of harvesting times and the changing seasons.

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