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We Constantly Strive To Raise Our Standards Of Teaching, Learning And Attainment Even When They Are Already Deemed Outstanding.


Students are assessed on our induction day in the summer term before they join us; their score from this assessment, alongside our own baseline assessments and KS2 SATs results, will inform the pathway students will start on and also the set within each pathway the students will study their core subjects. Progress will be tracked regularly through the monitoring of classwork, homework and formal assessments. There will be the opportunity to move students between attainment sets and pathways as the tracking highlights a change is necessary. 


We have a talented, committed, highly professional and qualified team of teachers who teach the curriculum. Our students deserve the best possible provision which secures excellence in every area. Our unique pathway curriculum enables each student to be taught at the appropriate pace and level of challenge. Within each class the teacher will skilfully differentiate the activities. Many of our teachers teach across key stage 2 and 3, ensuring that none of our students regress in their learning during the transition to the secondary department. 

Homework is influential in learning and we believe it teaches our students to become independent in their studies. We use homework to reinforce and extend the learning in the classroom and we carefully plan the tasks set to ensure they are interesting and engaging.  Details of all homework set can be found on the 'Show My Homework' website.

We pride ourselves in the effective marking and assessment of student's work knowing that the feedback is instrumental in securing progress. Students are required to respond to the feedback given so they can move forward in their learning. 


Many of our students attain a high standard at the end of key stage 2 and we personalise the curriculum to ensure the appropriate challenge.