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Senior Leadership Team 

Mr R. Hussain Principal
Mr J. Benn Vice Principal - Personal Development
Mr M. Riley Vice Principal - Quality of Education
Mr J. Golding Assistant Principal - Behaviour
Ms M. Brady Assistant Principal - Teaching & Learning
Mr J. Gayle  Assistant Principal - Disadvantage & Equalities
Mr R. O’ Brien Assistant Principal – Assessment
Ms C. Emerson Assistant Principal – Curriculum

Leadership Team 

Mr I. Benson Director- Inclusion & Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mr A. Hussain Director of KS3 Behaviour & Culture
Mr F. Lawrence Director of KS4 Behaviour & Culture Head of PE 
Mr B. Freeburn Director of KS3 Progress and Achievement
Mr I. Weerakone Director of KS4 Progress and Achievement & Head of Science
Mr Y. Shimirty Director of Sixth Form
Miss M. Graham SENCO

Head of Subject and TLR 

Ms W. Baah Lead Practitioner English
Ms R. Crutcher Lead Practitioner Maths
Mr K. McInnis Associate Assistant Principal (Mental health & Wellbeing) & Head of Performing Arts
Miss M. Farrukh Associate Assistant Principal (Intervention and tutoring) & Head of Computer Science
Ms J. Anderson Associate Assistant Principal (Internal and External Outreach) & Head of Art
Mrs S. Otoo Head of English
Mr M. Pigott  Head of Maths 
Mr P. Walker Head of Religious Studies
Mr A. Hassan Head of Year 7
Miss C. Hinds Head of Year 8 
Mr J. Mudge Head of Year 9
Mr Amoako/Miss E. Woolsey Head of Year 10
Miss S. Douglas Head of Year 11
Mr O. Marshall Assistant Head of Sixth Form
Ms S. Asuquo Assistant Head of English
Mr T. Todd Assistant Head of Maths
Miss S. Choudry Assistant Head of RS and Diversity Lead
Mrs D. McKenzie Careers Lead (Design & Technology)
Mr A. Humair Head of Chemistry
Mrs P. Tormo Head of Spanish
Ms S. Hamdi Head of French
Mr M. Mercer Head of History
Mr L. Kirkham Head of Geography
Ms A. Ogunmefun Head of Economics & Business Studies
Mr M. Cook Head of Media
Mr G. McPeake Interim Head of Design & Technology
Ms O. Da Costa Head of Social Science: Psychology
Miss D. Leach Head of Social Science: Citizenship, Politics & Sociology
Miss N. Chiegbu Head of KS3 Science

Teaching staff

Mr G. Ashwell Art 
Miss A. Adefowora Business & Economics
Miss S. Hussain Business (apprenticeship)
Mr L. Jinadu Computer Science
Miss A. Johnson Design & Technology
Ms K. Ford Design & Technology
Miss M. Abebrese Drama (apprenticeship)
Ms E. Calabro English
Ms S. Jacobs English
Miss B. Williams English
Ms S. Kasapi English and Head Cover
Miss L. Carver English
Miss M. Madzinova Geography
Mr P. Santos Geography
Mr D. Beneteau Geography
Mr H. Greenhalgh History
Ms D. Gazo Maths
Ms V. Nwolie Maths
Ms B. Mohamed Maths
Mr A. Balloch Maths
Mr J. Tarjot Modern Foreign Languages: French
Ms M. Perez Modern Foreign Languages: Spanish
Miss C. Mensah Music
Ms S. Campbell-Richards Psychology
Miss A. Akeju Science
Mr E. Bouros Science
Mr G. Bellinia Science
Ms M. Akthar Science
Mr O. Soulsby Science
Mr T. Vlachakis Cover Teacher
Ms H. Hussain                                                         Cover Teacher
Dr F. De Masi Cover Teacher
Mr J. Ashong Cover Teacher

Classroom based Support staff

Ms S. Smith-Spencer Assistant SENCO
Mrs C. Brown  Learning Support Assistant
Mr W. Conley Nurture and Reflection Space Learning Supervisor
Mrs S. Ikhlaq Learning Support Assistant
Mrs B. Obasa Learning Support Assistant
Mr R. McCrossan Learning Support Assistant
Ms M. Rama Learning Support Assistant
Ms B. Arayi Learning Support Assistant
Ms B. Chaudhary HLTA
Ms R. Khilji Learning Support Assistant
Mr F. Sanchez Learning Support Assistant
Mr T. Johns Learning Support Assistant

Non-Class based Support staff

Miss R. O’Mard Principal’s PA
Mrs C. Beaumont Examinations Officer 
Mrs S. Van Der Maas Attendance & Admissions Administrator
Mr E. Lewis Behaviour Officer
Mr E. Asante Behaviour Officer
Miss S. Gordon Behaviour Officer
Ms N. Ali Year 7 Student Welfare
Miss K. Kilburn Year 8 Student Welfare
Miss D. Souassou Year 9 Student Welfare
Miss R. Padmore Year 10 Student Welfare
Mr L. Kilara Year 11 Student Welfare
Ms S. Newington Student Welfare KS5
Miss K. Osadolar Student Welfare
Mrs S. Ahmed Sixth Form Administrator
Mr S. Modessa Sixth Form Study Supervisor
Mrs C. Mathube Receptionist/Administrative Assistant
Miss M. Haque Receptionist/Administrative Assistant
Ms L. Mnatsakanyan Library Support
Ms S. Topcu Library Support
Mr K. Osman Science Technician
Miss K. Dawudo DT Technician
Ms M. Jardine Art Technician
Ms C. Liagki Career & Enrichment Administrator
Miss E. Edwards Environment & resources
Mr A. Covington Premises Officer 
Mr D. Croucher Premises Officer
Mr T. Mawson Premises Assistant
Mr T. Grant Premises Assistant 
Ms Z. Awada Midday Meals Supervisor
Ms M. Meade Midday Meals Supervisor
Miss S. Parker Midday Meals Supervisor
Miss M. Awada Midday Meals Supervisor

Federation staff

Ms S. Eden Business Manager 
Mr A. Flanagan Facilities Manager 
Ms R. Coldwell HR Manager 
Mr N. Wood IT Manager
Ms E. Holliday Executive Co-Headteachers' PA
Mrs R. Ghag HR, Finance & General Administrator
Miss A. Robinson HR Administrative Assistant
Miss N. Wenden Finance Administrator
Mr D. Hubbuck School Chaplain
Mr E. Misel IT Technician
Mr D. Guzadhur IT Technician
Mr N. Heal Data Manager
AGAS Data Protection Officer