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Our music curriculum is broad and balanced. It is taught as a discrete subject as we believe this approach immerses our children within music, encouraging them to use musical vocabulary and begin to explore and analyse the pieces as a musician.

• At Koinonia Federation, we recognise the intrinsic link between reading the symbols in musical notation and understanding patterns within writing and as a step towards an understanding in algebra. We also use the number of beats in a bar to help children to work out the length of notes – using mathematical reasoning. Furthermore, the songs in our curriculum have been selected to develop upon PSHE related topics.

• Our music curriculum is a spiral curriculum, re-engaging children with the 7 inter-related dimensions of music and the concepts of composition, performance, listening and appraisal.

• Our music curriculum is ambitious for all our children, including those with SEND, enabling every child to work to their full potential.

• Children share ideas, expressing their opinions when listening to live and recorded music.

• In each unit, the end result is a performance of a piece of music – be it pre-composed or their own composition.

• Children feel safe to try their best in each lesson and reflect on their own performances, celebrating success and considering how to improve. Our music curriculum addresses physical (through warm-ups), mental (through experimentation), spiritual (through debating messages in pieces), cultural (through music from a variety of cultures) and intellectual (through notation reading) health of every child.