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PE News 2021/2022


  • At Christ Church Primary School we have had Layla’s Dance Company in every week during the Autumn term to teach movement and dance based exercise to KS1 as well as running an after school club which performed a dance routine to the school before Christmas. This was for both KS1 and KS2.


  • Platform Cricket came in to teach Year 4 the rules of Cricket, the importance of teamwork and key skills to playing the sport.


  • KICK London come in every Friday delivering high quality lessons to KS1 and KS2 classes, as well as reception. Teaching key skills within a variety of different sports as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle and promoting a positive mindset towards sport. The word for this half term in Year 6 is Perseverance. Darcey has been teaching Year 6 the importance of this and reinforcing the school ethos to encourage children to keep going even when it’s hard.


  • Both year 4 and 5 have had intensive swimming courses at the local leisure centre. These have proved very effective for our children in learning a key life skill. Children responded well to it, being able to go each day for two weeks helped them address problems they were having and helped them pick up the skill quicker.