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In KS2 Year 4 go swimming on a weekly basis. They learn about water safety, which a valuable life skill and various swimming strokes.

Leyla’s Dance

We are fortunate enough to have a Dance specialist come into school and work across all key stages teaching various dance techniques from a variety of cultures in an inclusive way.Children are exposed to new skills and have shown greater self-confidence.

Sport Apprentices

This academic year the federation have welcome 2 new Sports apprentices to help deliver and provide specialist PE skills and knowledge and specialist coaching across the federation.

PE Hub

PE Hub has been introduced as the federation’s new sports scheme. Teachers are able to deliver high quality lessons, which are engaging and enjoyable allowing children to build on their skills, knowledge and confidence.

Afterschool Clubs

There are a range of clubs being held over the course of the academic years ranging from net games, ball games and invasion games.

PE Annual Sports Overview

CLICK HERE to view the Koinonia Federation Curriculum Map.