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Student Voice is an integral part of life at St Mary Magdalene School. Because it is so important, we have a number of ways in which the students cannot only share their ideas and opinions of their peers, but also take on responsibility and make a positive contribution to school life. 

Please see our many groups within the Student Voice and our elected students for the roles:

Student Council

Year 7 Year 8


Year 9 Year 10


Year 11 Year 12 & 13




Year 11

Head Boy: 

Head Girl:  

Kaeden Grant Cumberbatch 

Charis Strafford 

Timothy Onilude-Finlay 

Favourite Eromonsele

Ogechi Ndubuisi-Otusi

Nneamaka Odu 

Wladyslaw Soroczywski 

Eniola Oladimeji 

Jennifer Eze 

Shayna Amadi 

Mariah Oloyade 

Daniel White

Year 10


SAFE Wellbeing Ambassadors

Selected students were trained to become Wellbeing Ambassadors. The role of the Ambassadors will be to provide peer on peer support for students and to raise awareness of mental health. They will provide information on coping mechanisms and the services out there for young people to access. The Ambassadors will be creating ideation and plans around how we as a school can raise the awareness of mental health and promote wellbeing.

Wellbeing Ambassadors:

Isaiah Myrie - Smith

Maximilian Slowinski

Marvella Ashong

Temitope Olayiwola

Anjola Phillips

Muqtadir Eyitayo

Ogechi Ndubuisi - Otusi