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Student Voice is an integral part of life at St Mary Magdalene School. Because it is so important, we have a number of ways in which the students cannot only share their ideas and opinions of their peers, but also take on responsibility and make a positive contribution to school life. 

Please see our many groups within the Student Voice and our elected students for the roles:

School Council

Whole School Council meets once a half term and is made up of representatives from each year council, prefects in year 11 and sixth form and members of the schools' equality group, eco council, Faith Team and LBGTQ+ Council. 
Year 7 Year 8


Year 9 Year 10
Year 11 Year 12

Year Council Members

Year 7

7NCU-  Kosi Ogbuoto and Faizah Kareem 

7BMD-Saleem Kawesi and Esther Afun  

7GAO- Annie Aganya and Frankie McNelis  

7RCR- Hope Mukeba and Amelia Wanendaya 

7MMR- Psalm-Vernet Crabbe and Glory Sunday Ano  

7DME- Aavah-Lily Williams and Hannah Anokye 

Year 8

8ABH- Renee Nkwenti Franklin and Miriam Adebiyi 

8MPZ- Rehuel Hunce and Kimberley Lah 

8MMA- Ayo Oludengun and Chisom Okoronkwo 

8SHI- Blazej Turkowski  and Felicity Hamilton 

8LJU- Micah Umunna and Asia Bucknell  

8MSS- Ivan Akoto and Georgia Duncan 

Year 9
Year 10

10ECO- Jesselyn Yeboah and Deborah Omidiji 

10EBS- Vyte Kundrotaite and Joey Addo 

10SJS- Victoriya Larren and Tyler Thomas Haines 

10JTT- Florence Taylor and Esther Maton 

10DBU- Iyeesha Turay and Elroy Benguela 

10CMS- Idman Dirie and AlHaarith Salami 

Year 11

11HGH- Luke Revett and Hannah Longhurst 

11AHR- Ephraim Akinlolu and Hudhaifa Mohammad 

11OSY- Thomas Shore and Zephan Thomas 

11PTO- Axel Lobognon and Elona Amerllahi 

11LCR- Tahmid Alli and Alex Coria-Ajeigbe 



Year 11

Head Boy: 

Head Girl:  

TJ Ogunyemi

Matilda Pham 

Charlie  Thompson

Taqwa Zaman

Josh McConville 

Akorede Akinbode

Lolade Vincent 

Dandy Ubani

Chidinma Agwu

Lemuel Adeyosoye

Maximilian Slowinski

Ethan Corgat 


SAFE Wellbeing Ambassadors

Selected students were trained to become Wellbeing Ambassadors. The role of the Ambassadors will be to provide peer on peer support for students and to raise awareness of mental health. They will provide information on coping mechanisms and the services out there for young people to access. The Ambassadors will be creating ideation and plans around how we as a school can raise the awareness of mental health and promote wellbeing.

Wellbeing Ambassadors: