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Children attending St Mary Magdalene School wear uniform as we believe it develops a sense of pride and belonging in themselves and in their school. Many items will be available from high street stores; those items sold by our school supplier can be ordered from their website, Items purchased online can be delivered to school free of charge, (first Thursday of every month during term time). Alternatively, you can buy uniform in the Khalsa Schoolwear store:

School ties can be purchased at any time from the main reception at a cost of £5 each.




Blazer* Blazer from school supplier only
Trousers Formal trousers, mid-dark grey, no fashion trousers
White shirt Plain, long sleeved school shirt, stiff collar, no designer features
School tie* School tie from school supplier only
School jumper* School jumper from school supplier only
Grey socks Plain
Black shoes Plain, black, flat polishable school shoes (below the ankle)


Kilt* St Mary Magdalene tartan kilt from school supplier (kilt length must be below the knee).
Grey tights or plain grey socks Tights must be at least 40 denier
Head covering (optional) Plain, mid-dark grey (no fashion scarves)
Outdoor coat Plain black, grey or navy; single colour with no designer features
Bag A large bag (to carry A4 books and equipment)


PE Rugby shirt and/or polo shirt * From school supplier only
Black shorts From school supplier or another retailer
Tracksuit bottoms From school supplier or another retailer
Black socks From school supplier or another retailer
Trainers Suitable for all sports on all surfaces


Students may wear;
  • A wrist watch
  • One pair of stud earrings in their ears

No other items of jewellery are allowed

No make up should be worn


In order for students to achieve their full potential, all students must bring in the following equipment each day:
  • Planner
  • Pencil case including:
    • Black pen
    • Blue pen
    • Green pen
    • Pencil
    • Eraser
    • Metric ruler
    • An A4 folder for carrying loose homework and letters
    • Maths equipment: protractor, compass, calculator
    • USB memory stick
    • Coloured Pencils

School Uniform Policy