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In the Koinonia Federation, we strive to ensure that our children will go out into the world as passionate and ambitious musicians.

In the primary phase, we have a broad and balanced music curriculum from Reception to Year 6. Our music curriculum encourages children to cultivate a love of different genres of music, teaches children how to use musical vocabulary within discussion, gives opportunities for our children to perform both vocal and instrumental music and allows them to begin to explore and analyse pieces of music as a musician. 

In our Federation, we believe all children are able to be musicians. Our music curriculum is ambitious for all our children, enabling every child to reach their full potential. All children have the opportunity to learn from our secondary music specialist, who regularly teaches across our primary phase, enabling them to learn first-hand from a professional musician.

Children will leave our primary phase fully equipped with a secure foundation in four main musical concepts: performance, composition, listening and appraisal. Our spiral curriculum ensure that all concepts are revisited within the secondary phase to securely embed their knowledge. By the end of their primary school journey, we aim for all children to become proficient in playing at least one musical instrument (such as the recorder or ukulele) and have the opportunity to perform before a live audience.

CLICK HERE to view the Koinonia Federation Music Map.

In music, we ensure the children have a secure foundation in four main musical concepts: performance, composition, listening and appraisal. Here is an example of KS1 singing and using actions to express themselves through song and in KS2, children composing ostinatos for a range of instruments, such as the Glockenspiel.  
We offer a range of extra-curricular music activities, such as recorder and violin clubs, as well as a KS2 choir.
All year groups have musical performance opportunities throughout the year. Here is an example of the KS1 Christmas performance for pupils, parents and carers.