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Our dress code is designed to both personally embody and publicly reflect the high expectations and professional ethos of the school. As Sixth Formers you are role models to our lower years and ambassadors for our school, therefore high standards of dress and appearance are important. Expectations are no different to how they would be in a formal place of work.

Do's Dont's
Lanyards and ID must be worn at all times – students will not be allowed on site without them.

Hoodies are not to be worn.


Students are not required to wear blazers/suit jackets/ties/ but all tops/shirts/blouses should be collared. Jeans, jeggings, polo tops, t-shirts and shorts are not acceptable.
Trousers and chinos should be full length and free of tears/rips or frayed edges. Sports attire, such as tracksuits, joggers, sports shorts and football shirts are not appropriate.
Length of dresses and skirts should be appropriate for a professional environment. Caps (baseball, trucker caps, durags etc.) and hoods are not to be worn.
Plain leggings are acceptable only if worn under a skirt, dress or long shirt. Shoulders and midriffs should not seen.
Smart shoes must be worn. Sports trainers are not acceptable and open shoes are not suitable. Words and diagrams on clothing should not be offensive or possibly be seen as offensive.
SMM6 Basketball Scholar/Girls United students wear the SMM6 Sports Scholar uniform and change into training kit when needed. Facial piercings should be discreet and there should not be more than one. Tattoos should not be seen.
  Underwear should not be seen.