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Our mission is to provide excellence in academic achievement and to ensure that every member of our school community will go out into the world happy, courageous, resilient, motivated with a lifelong love of learning and fully equipped to make a positive contribution to society.  

Do unto others what you would have them do unto you, our school motto, is firmly and deeply embedded in every aspect of school life. Taken from the words of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, it has been referred to as the Golden Rule since the 16th century. It is certainly the Golden Rule at St. Mary Magdalene all-through school and is lived out by all members of the school community. St Mary Magdalene is more than a school, it is a learning family where you are valued and part of the Koinonia Federation of schools that have the shared aim:


To grow in faith: the school is fully inclusive and welcomes students and staff from all faiths and no faith. We will journey with you from where you are by strengthening, challenging, supporting and nourishing you. Collective worship is a key part of each day where you will come together either as a family group or year group to spend time in reflection allowing you to grow in your spirituality. Led by senior leaders, the school chaplain or you as our students, collective worship is a creative and responsive time that follows the Anglican calendar and also acknowledges key dates in other faiths.

To live as family: as a student joining St. Mary Magdalene you belong to the school as family. In and outside of the classrooms, you will learn to be a friend to all and to trust each other at all times. Our pastoral structure ensures that you will be known individually. Students enjoy coming to our school and feel safe and secure.

To be united in fellowship: our all-through school celebrates and embraces the diversity of the communities from which you are from. We work hard to create unity through fellowship. You will flourish in companionship with others through mutual trust and sharing of experiences, interests and activities. St. Mary Magdalene is an outward looking school and works hard to serve its local community, such as through foodbank collections and responding to natural disasters in areas of the world where you may have family connections.